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Wooden Pizza Peel


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With so much focus given to assembling and cooking your pizza, it is easy to forget how important a pizza peel is! A crucial tool in any aspiring pizza chef's arsenal, it is the means by which your pizza gets into or out of your wood fired oven.

Peels come in 2 forms: metal pizza peels, or wood pizza peels. We maintain that you need both. 

This large wooden pizza peel will allow you to place or remove your pizza from your wood burning pizza oven with ease! Although a large part of the industry uses just metal pizza peels, the original wooden variety is still widely used all over the world. This is the truly authentic way to enjoy your outdoor pizza oven.

Made from a variety of responsibly sourced woods, this wooden pizza peel is eco-friendly and easy to use. 


  • Material is hardwood
  • Lightweight (average 2lb)
  • 14"W x 24"L
  • Wood-fired to harden the surface and protect it from burning
  • Strong and solid enough to support large pizzas
  • Longer handle keeps your hands away from the heat

We suggest that you dust your peel with a bit of flour or cornmeal to help slide the raw pizza onto your cook surface.


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